About our company

We are electric vehicle charging Infra service provider.

we aims to Develop, build, and demonstrate user-friendly charging stations and innovative solutions with suitable stations for all kind of ev fleet that supports slow, fast & Rapid charging for passenger electric Vehicles (4W), eTrolleys (3W) & eMotorcycles (2W).

Encouraging "Electric Vehicles" as a viable option for phased transportation in terms of short and long distance trips with appropriate "Charging Infrastructure".

Let's begin the journey towards green...pls call us for Technical support to setup the Charging infra for your Home, Office & IT / ITES offices.


Is the nearest Public Charging Station is not registered by you or you dont have RFID to charge the EV???

We eCharge4all are builing a APP to link all the PCS to common User

eCharge4all will assist every electric fleet customer to charge their vehicle through our APP, our APP enables to find, navigate, charge the ev at Public charging Station by getting discounted pricing. 

Customer can choose any Supplier, any company owned DC fast charger, our app will enable to access the PCS. 

our Integrated Software tool developing On Android & iPhone compatible app to enable every EV owner to use “Public Charging Stations (PCS).

The New App enables to fetch any PCS nearby and allows to Charge the Car via various ePay model/e-Wallets

Please hold tight..we are coming soon with Innovative APP

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Meet The Team


Arun Kumar V

Co-founder & COO

with 19+ Yrs of Industry experiance.

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Founder & Director

6+ Yrs In legal; Started eCharge4all aiming to provide DC & AC Chargers Infra support for electric fleet operators.

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